IPv4 to IPv6 / IPv6 to IPv4 Bridging

The Internet is migrating from IPv4 to IPv6. The IPv4 address space is depleted and new services will soon have no choice but to be deployed using IPv6. As part of this migration, most UTM vendors are offering a dual-stack solution, supporting both IPv4 and IPv6 network stacks on the same appliance.


But, what sets Network Box apart from others is that we surpass merely supporting IPv6, instead providing you product features and services to assist you with your migration to IPv6. We combine dual-stack with protocol translation.


Using router-level technologies, combined with high-level proxies and services, we support bi-directional translation between IPv4 and IPv6, allowing IPv4 clients to connect to IPv6 servers, and vice-versa.


In a typical scenario, IPv4 servers are not configured to support IPv6 requests from the IP internet.


Network Box's cross protocol translation allows IPv6 requests to connect with IPv4 servers and vice versa.


For more details, click here.

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